“miSafes” Offline Camera Hack

A pet-peeve project to make the now-defunct “miSafes” surveillance cameras work again.

The “miSafes” pet and baby camera is / was a cheap china-made surveillance camera made by the self-same company “miSafes”.

After the company went under fire for a variety of data-security issues they decided to stomp in their webserver, rendering their so-far-sold equipment useless.

Being annoyed with this, and being an owner of the very same surveillance camera, I took it upon myself to hack / reprogram the camera to work as a standalone offline recording camera unit (with the option of future hack revisions enabling / unlocking additional features like actual IP-camera stream support).

Here’s a summary of what this hack does:

  • It disables all chinese spyware processes inside the camera’s operating system (unlinking it from the now-defunct “miSafes” webserver)
  • It connects the camera to a WPA WLAN access point of your choice (modify the “wpa_supplicant.conf” file to match your 2.4GHZ WPA WLAN network)
  • It enables the telnetd service (so you can administrate your camera remotely if required)
  • It enables offline MicroSD card recording (for both motion-triggered and continuous recording modes, modify the “snx_autorun.sh” to match your recording needs)
  • It plays a snarky Doctor Who quote when the camera is ready for use (“I’m the smart one. You are the potato one.”)

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Download “miSafes” Offline Camera Hack (Version 1)