CleanROM for GPD XD+

A precursor project to enable GPD XD+ users to properly utilize their handhelds while I’m busy with the Lineage OS bringup of the XD+.

The GPD XD+ by the same-named company GPD (GamePad Digital) is an amazing low-cost Android device that should feel right at home in both entry-grade gamer’s as well as retro-enthusiast’s pockets, at least that would be the case if the stock operating system wasn’t such a mess.

CleanROM is a drop-in replacement for the stock operating system that brings a variety of bugfixes, enhancements and quality-of-life features to the table that can be installed via SPFlash (or TWRP, for existing CleanROM users that is).

To name a few…

  • Easy to use CleanROM settings menu to configure your device
  • Support for both GPD XD+ revisions (if your speakers / headphones don’t work, please toggle the Headphone polarity setting in the CleanROM settings menu)
  • 2.1GHz CPU overclock & ondemand CPU governor support
  • Toggle-able CPU hotplug support (disabling hotplug fixes the infamous “screen refresh issue”)
  • Google GBoard & Swype typing support
  • SafetNet / CTS fingerprint fix (requires Magisk to work properly, gives you access to CTS-locked apps like Netflix after clearing Google Play Store’s data)
  • MicroG signature spoofing support (interesting for all those people that want to swap the built-in Google apps for MicroG)
  • Improved HDMI output support (lid can be closed while using an external monitor)
  • Disabled shoulder buttons when the lid is closed (prevents accidental wake-ups inside your pocket / backpack)
  • Disabled ZRAM swap compression (improves perceived UX)
  • Fully unlocked LCD brightness levels (from 30-210 to 1-255)
  • Boosted built-in microphone (200% compared to stock)
  • Fully debloated & unbranded system & userdata partition
  • Lean Launcher built-in
  • Updated boot logo
  • Fully working TWRP recovery
  • Fully unlocked WLAN channel support (2.4G 1~14, 5G 34~216)
  • A2DP Keep-Alive functionality (helps with troublesome Bluetooth audio devices)
  • Double-tap navigation button feature (to prevent accidental back & home button presses)
  • Several bugfixes most people won’t notice (status bar icons are tinted the right color now, broken settings have been fixed, etc)

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