GPD XD(+) & Win 2 decal stickers available on Patreon!

Given the huge amount of support I’ve seen during the last month I’ve decided I should return the favor. As such, it’s time for some freebies for my most loyal supporters! From now, until the end of February, all Funding Pass owners over at my Patreon page, both existing and new, can request a custom […]

Android 8.1 for GPD Win is out now!

Turn your GPD Win into a XD+ with Android 8.1 Oreo for the GPD Win, available to VIP Pass and Funding Pass members of our Patreon! Click on Read More to find out more!

Android 8.1 for GPD Win ~ coming soon!

We’ve done it. And it will be available very soon! Click on Read More to find out more!

GPD WinDroid Update #1

This release fixes a wide variety of bugs and smaller issues that have been discovered by me or fellow testers on the gpd_devices discord server.