CleanROM Bugfix

This update fixes an issue in the SPFlash build of where the AOSP stock recovery ended up replacing the TWRP recovery on first system boot. Existing users that flashed their system via TWRP (rather than SPFlash) aren’t affected by this bug and can safely skip this update if they want to. The update […]

CleanROM Bugfix

A bug that prevented the “Headphone jack polarity” from persisting after a reboot has been fixed. The update is available on my Patreon page and will become publicly available 1 month from now (as always). Have an amazing day! ~ Black-Seraph

CleanROM is out! (Patreon Early Access)

It’s the end of 2018, let’s end it with a big bang. Luigi is hyped for all these bugfixes & new features. What about you? This post doesn’t come as a surprise to most of my viewership, given a big chunk of my audience stems from the GPD discord / gpdxd subreddit where the WIP […]

“miSafes” Offline Camera Hack

I’ve never been a big IoT (internet of things) fan, but there was a time when I actively used one of these “miSafes” pet / baby camera doodads to keep an eye on my pets while I was overseas. It was convenient, cheap(er than other offerings), and did the job.That was in 2016. The other […]

GPD XD+ CleanROM released!

This release addresses the headphone jack issue caused by the recent introduction of a 2nd revision of the XD+ by GPD. The procedure of flashing CleanROM remains the same as always, but users need to know which revision of the XD+ they have and flash the matching version from the file (rev1 or rev2). Don’t […]

GPD XD+ VR Headphone Fix for CleanROM

Let’s keep it brief, as usual. If your GPD XD+ shows speaker / headphone issues after flashing the latest CleanROM, please flash the file attached to this post on top of it.

GPD XD+ CleanROM with TWRP is out!

The changes are quite minimal this time around.

GPD XD+ CleanROM released!

Let’s keep this brief, you’ve got places to be, don’t you?

GPD XD+ CleanROM released!

The changelog for this update is rather small, but may be critical to some of you who’ve been having issues with the Drastic DS emulator or other paid apps from the PlayStore.

GPD XD+ CleanROM 1.10 released!

Given the terrible state the GPD XD+ stock ROM was in (and the lack of alternatives out there) I’ve decided I’d make it my first priority to provide GPD XD+ owners with a go-to ROM of choice that’s clean, fast and up-to-date.