About Us

  • What is this website about?

    Black-Seraph is a project-focused blog about programming, education, games, technology & gadget reviews, anime and a little bit of everything else on the side.

    While not exclusively aimed at the aforementioned 5 (and a half) topics, you’ll quickly come to learn that they make up 90% of the content provided here.

    Furthermore, this website serves as our base of operations for establishing work- & sponsorship-contracts with potential future employers and sponsors.

  • So who are the people behind this page?

    For the most part, Black-Seraph, the owner of this blog which he so selfishly named after himself, runs the show here.

    You will come to find other team members cross-post on this blog every once in a while though.

    Generally speaking though: We are a team of self-employed professional programmers, reverse engineers, hackers, artists and off-site reviewers, looking to provide both paid contract-work, as well as crowd-sourced / freely available GPL-v3 licensed content to the masses.

    If you ever find yourself in the need of any of these feel free to get in touch with us via E-Mail.