CleanROM Update

I finally had a day off from work today and decided to do a good deed and work through some of the user-reported issues & feature requests.

As such, let me present you the latest CleanROM build and its newly added features / changes:

  • Fresh installations of CleanROM now try to heuristically determine the right headphone jack polarity setting (this will only affect users coming from stock firmwares)
  • A2DP keep-alive is now disabled by default (as it can cause a low-volume hiss on some speakers)
  • The gamepad shoulder buttons can now be swapped in the CleanROM settings (L-buttons become R-buttons and vice-versa)
  • The navigation buttons can now be locked behind double-tap gestures to prevent accidental back & home button presses (this should please Dolphin emulator users)

The update can be found on my Patreon page and will become publicly accessible 1 month after its early-access period (as usual).

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