CleanROM Bugfix

Let’s keep it short and simple for this one.

There was a small bug inside the A2DP KeepAlive feature introduced with the release which had not so small side-effects, resulting in the AudioTrack pool getting exhausted quite early-on after boot.

This caused several applications to stop outputting audio and was an oversight on my end for which I am truly sorry.

Something this critical should have never slipped through the cracks to begin with and I’m surprised this issue succeeded in dodging me on my own unit for such a long time.

My choice in emulators might have been to blame for that, as RetroArch is quite resilient in the way it handles audio output, more or less working around the issue at hand for me.

Either way, excuses aside: Given that the latest publicly available release is (as of the time of writing), this adds insult to injury, as people naturally gravitate toward higher numbered revisions and might not read carefully enough to realize that suffers from this problem.

As such I’m making this bugfix release public early-on, going against my usual 30 days early-access modus operandi in the hope of squashing this critical bug for as many people as fast as possible.

TL;DR: has a critical audio bug, install this build to fix it.

The updated build can be found on CleanROM’s project page, as usual.

And for those wishing to show their support, feel free to check out my Patreon page as well!

Until next time!


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