CleanROM Bugfix

For my loyal Patreon following this isn’t exactly news anymore at this point, but things have been busy and as such I’ve lagged behind in keeping the side of things updated in sync with the Patreon.

I’ve given the blog it’s (badly needed) update, and the CleanROM project page now holds the proper links to CleanROM and a hint at the latest release, which you can find over on my Patreon page as usual.

The changelog since lists the following:

  • A2DP KeepAlive functionality added
  • 5g WiFi channel 149-165 regression has been fixed
  • An issue with the /system partition being mounted read-only in TWRP has been fixed

As always: I’ll keep you all posted!



  • Oh that’s why magisk keeps failing to mount to /system. Thanks for the amazing work Black-Seraph 🙂

    SandupaMarch 16, 2019
  • Thanks. Is there any chance of having lollipop in the original gpd xd?

    r3tr0k3rMarch 19, 2019
    • One thing at a time. I just finished soldering up a UART port into my XD+ for early-boot debugging of Android 9.
      When that port has been dealt with I’ll start worrying about the original GPD XD and other devices.

      Black-SeraphMarch 27, 2019

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