2019 March

CleanROM Update

As requested by plasmaticriver (over on reddit) the brightness control now supports the whole range of brightness values (1-255 rather than the 30-210 it was before). This means you can now make your display (a lot) dimmer or (slightly) brighter than normally possible. In addition to this I’ve also removed the ZRAM compression from the […]

CleanROM Bugfix

Let’s keep it short and simple for this one. There was a small bug inside the A2DP KeepAlive feature introduced with the release which had not so small side-effects, resulting in the AudioTrack pool getting exhausted quite early-on after boot. This caused several applications to stop outputting audio and was an oversight on my […]

CleanROM Bugfix

For my loyal Patreon following this isn’t exactly news anymore at this point, but things have been busy and as such I’ve lagged behind in keeping the www.black-seraph.com side of things updated in sync with the Patreon. I’ve given the blog it’s (badly needed) update, and the CleanROM project page now holds the proper links […]