CleanROM Bugfix

This release unlocks all Wi-Fi channels / frequencies for use.

This will please (mostly) european users where 5GHz channels 100-140 (DFS) are in heavy use (which were previously software-blocked, preventing you from using them).

Furthermore, the back-button anti-repeat algorithm has seen some re-working, which hopefully should help users with bad back buttons have a somewhat more presant time with their device by swallowing unwanted button repeats.

The algorithm is still far from perfect, but it should swallow most of the bad button presses.

The update can be found 30 days early over on my Patreon page, as usual, before it will become publicly available on both Patreon and this blog’s CleanROM project page.


  • The Google Platstore reset You told me to do worked for all them games and the Wifi is working better now to. Thank You!

    Jeff MaasFebruary 8, 2019

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