CleanROM Bugfix

This release addresses an issue where pressing one of the shoulder-buttons would wake the GPD XD+ from sleep, even if the lid was closed.

This would most commonly happen while having the unit inside a pocket, or if it bumped into something inside a backpack (or the likes).

Thanks go to foxsevent for bringing this issue to my attention.

Patreon supporters can pick up the fix 30 days early, as usual, on my Patreon page.


  • no more updates for gpd win 1 ?

    PabloFebruary 1, 2019
    • I usually wouldn’t approve misplaced comments but I’ll let it slide this time in the hope of it getting some traction.
      My GPD Win 1 is broken, and sourcing parts for it, except outright buying a new one, is pretty difficult now-a-days given its no longer being produced.

      That, combined with all the physical issues that the Win 1 is plagued with that go beyond what is fixable via software means, makes it a difficult to warrant side-project when other more feasible projects are still on my todo list. So, yes. Win 1 will not see any more updates unless I somehow find myself in a good enough situation to get my hands on a working but used unit for cheap (that doesn’t cost me 50$ in shipping alone).

      Black-SeraphFebruary 7, 2019
  • The new firmware for GPD XD PLUS is great. There are how ever a few new bugs that was not before. The wifi is even more buggier now. And also games that I was able to download and play before had to side load now.

    And games I was able to play are problamatic now. Real Boxing will not open anymore And Strike Wing Raptor Rising is nothin but a black screen with white leetering.

    Also, LEGO® Star Wars™: TCS, LEGO® Star Wars™: TFA, LEGO ® Marvel Super Heroes, are having visual problems as well.

    When you make the new firmware can you make it like it like the old legacy rom were all you have to do is Install it from the sd card and You do not lose any of our installed games, apps, and emulators and have to start over installing it all again?

    Thank You! 🙂

    Jeff MaasFebruary 7, 2019
    • I have no Wi-Fi issues on my end, if you do then please take the time and do a logcat and dmesg log (at the time of the issue happening) and forward it to me by any channel you deem fit.

      As for games not working that previously did, nothing on that end has been changed on my side, as such if they stop working it (most likely) has nothing to do with the operating system, but rather something else you must have done. If I was you I’d be backtracking a little and try figuring out when exactly it stopped working, and what has been done to the system since then. Also verify that your Play Store certification state is certified, if not then your Magisk installation is corrupted or incomplete. In that particular case, try reinstalling Magisk after the OS update and press “Clear Data” in your Play Store app preferences. This should restore full Play Store certification to your device.

      As for your final mention about updating without losing data: You can do that already, in fact you were able to do that for every release past… I don’t know how this went unnoticed by you.
      You can either update directly via TWRP, by picking the TWRP update package (rather than the SPFlash one), or by flashing the SPFlash one via download mode, and unticking all boxes except system and boot.
      One way or another, after every update you will have to reinstall Magisk if you wish to retain Play Store certification and root access.

      Black-SeraphFebruary 7, 2019
  • Well thank You for that. I Learned about the update and how to do it and Magisk from SKy Isle Studios videos on Youtube. Been that he was tired and getting into a new line of work he must of rushed a bit and left a few things out.

    ANd the Wifi when i download is Buggy. It goes in and out from time to time during bigger downloads. My other Android devices and My Nintendo Switch do not do this so i know its not our internet or our Wifi Modem. I used the 2.0.0 Download that was available when I did it. I will have to try a newer one when its available fr free.

    Thank You for Your fast reply. I Look forward to future updates from you and what you will be able to get the GPD Xd Plus to do in future updates.

    Thank You!

    Jeff MaasFebruary 8, 2019

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