2019 February

CleanROM Bugfix

This release unlocks all Wi-Fi channels / frequencies for use. This will please (mostly) european users where 5GHz channels 100-140 (DFS) are in heavy use (which were previously software-blocked, preventing you from using them). Furthermore, the back-button anti-repeat algorithm has seen some re-working, which hopefully should help users with bad back buttons have a somewhat […]

GPD XD(+) & Win 2 decal stickers available on Patreon!

Given the huge amount of support I’ve seen during the last month I’ve decided I should return the favor. As such, it’s time for some freebies for my most loyal supporters! From now, until the end of February, all Funding Pass owners over at my Patreon page, both existing and new, can request a custom […]

CleanROM Bugfix

This release addresses an issue where pressing one of the shoulder-buttons would wake the GPD XD+ from sleep, even if the lid was closed. This would most commonly happen while having the unit inside a pocket, or if it bumped into something inside a backpack (or the likes). Thanks go to foxsevent for bringing this […]