CleanROM is out! (Patreon Early Access)

It’s the end of 2018, let’s end it with a big bang.

Luigi is hyped for all these bugfixes & new features. What about you?

This post doesn’t come as a surprise to most of my viewership, given a big chunk of my audience stems from the GPD discord / gpdxd subreddit where the WIP development of CleanROM was a pretty public affair, but non-the-less, here we are, me writing this post and you reading it.

As we all know, the release of the GPD XD+ was a rather messed up one, with plenty of bugs / issues left unaddressed in the stock operating system image and GPD not doing all-too-much about it.

Out of this necessity, CleanROM was born: an attempt at fixing all of said issues. The ride’s been a long one, and it’s far from finished in my opinion, but over the last month big strides have been made, thanks to the efforts of many (myself included) and the continued support of all my patreons along the way.

Nice and clean. All CleanROM / XD+ settings are now tucked away in their own settings menu.

As part of this, CleanROM has been reborn, with all of its settings now revamped & stream-lined into a nice, easy-to-use menu, and several new features / changes under the hood.

The split-kernel configuration used up until now has been dropped in favor of a persistent configuration storage that can be used to deal with the different hardware revisions out there while running on one single shared kernel.

The “refresh bug” (and many others) have been fixed as well, and, most importantly, a new code-base has been laid out from which to craft future revisions / updates in a more efficient, less time-consuming way.

A full changelog, as well as links to both the SPFlash & TWRP update package and a setup guide (kudos to PsyOps here) can be found over at my Patreon page.

As is custom here, the release will become publicly accessible 1 month after its initial release, which would be the 1st of February 2019.

A reminder post will be put up here as well when the release goes public access for all those that don’t follow the Patreon page.

Let’s work together to make 2019 even more exciting than 2018 was!


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