GPD XD+ CleanROM released!

This release addresses the headphone jack issue caused by the recent introduction of a 2nd revision of the XD+ by GPD.

The procedure of flashing CleanROM remains the same as always, but users need to know which revision of the XD+ they have and flash the matching version from the file (rev1 or rev2).

Don’t be alarmed however, flashing the wrong version will not harm your XD+, it will merely introduce the headphone jack issue, where your unit will detect a headphone jack when none are plugged in.

This issue can easily be resolved however by just flashing again with the right revision. I’ve spent the last two days trying to find an easy universal way of dealing with this issue… However, I was unable to find a solution with which I was fully satisfied, and thus, CleanROM now comes in two fine-tuned revisions with two different kernels that match the specific revision’s hardware.

For people on which are currently not experiencing any problems there is no reason to upgrade to, unless of course they want to, as the two versions are identical except for the headphone jack bugfix for revision 2 units.

For people on that flashed the previous headphone jack fix there is something to gain here however, as this new fix will unlock the full 2.1GHz clock speed again.


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