GPD XD+ CleanROM with TWRP is out!

The changes are quite minimal this time around.

  • TWRP has been compiled and bundled as the new default recovery
  • The boot.img file has been patched to run the userdata unencrypted (this is required so that TWRP can actually read and backup your data)

Due to point 2 however, this SPFlash package will format your userdata partition (if you decide to flash it), but in return you will gain TWRP support and the option to easily flash .zip packages or backup your data.

The choice is yours.

Download CleanROM


  • Thanks man, appreciate the support and frequent updates.

    Shaun DoubleJuly 17, 2018
  • Hello. First of all, thank you for making this. It makes playing with the GPD XD+ a much better experience. I currently have some problems with WiFi, which constantly drops when downloading something or when playing a game with online features. I installed the ROM as soon as I got the device, so I didn’t try it beforehand, but someone on reddit with the same issue told me that WiFi worked fine before flashing. Maybe you could look into it for a future release. Thanks.

    CassualAugust 19, 2018
    • This issue has been discussed quite heavily over at dingoonity.
      As it turns out some units require a TWRP factory-reset after installing CleanROM.
      The exact reason as to why that is is currently still unknown, and I personally have never run into this issue.

      Black-SeraphNovember 20, 2018

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