GPD XD+ CleanROM released!

Let’s keep this brief, you’ve got places to be, don’t you?

Here’s the changelog with all changes made since

  • Pixel Launcher was removed (it didn’t like the XD+’s low DPI setting)
  • A landscape-rotation patched Lawnchair Launcher was added
  • LatinIME got replaced with Google’s GBoard (this fixes swype-typing)

Download CleanROM


  • I was hoping the issue regarding output to 4K TVs would be fixed with this Clean Rom but unfortunately it still only displays a black screen. Do you foresee this issue being fixed in the LineageOS port? Is this something that could be addressed as an update to the Clean ROM in the future? For me, the inability to output to 4K TVs (I have an LG TV) is the last remaining thing holding back my device from being an all in one gaming/streaming portable android box. Regardless though, I appreciate your efforts in unlocking this device’s true potential.

    NovasheikhJuly 6, 2018
    • It’s the same issue that plagued the HDMI output on the GPD Win Android port.
      HDMI TV sets report a number of supported resolutions, and by default, Android opts for the biggest resolution one by default, completely ignoring the actual limitations of the SoC in use.

      Due to this, the double-buffered framebuffer can’t be allocated (as we run out of VRAM while trying) and the HDMI output fails.
      The proper solution to this is to cap the maximum resolution at a safe treshold that can be handled by the SoC, usually 1080p.
      I will look into the issue further down the road and implement a framework patch to deal with it.

      Black-SeraphNovember 20, 2018
  • Hi Do you have a patreon? Thanks

    HarryJuly 6, 2018
    • Big banner on the main page, or small button in the footer.
      Can’t really miss it.

      Black-SeraphNovember 20, 2018
  • I have a problem with Nvram warnings in WiFi connection.
    Other people had this on the original factory Rom but my device was always OK until this version.
    Any ideas?

    Shaun DoubleJuly 6, 2018
    • The NVRAM message usually pops up if your main (or backup) NVRAM partition got corrupted in one way or another.
      This can be caused by a whole variety of things, including sudden unclean shutdowns (hard-reset), etc.

      One way to fix it (if you have a backup) would be to restore a NVRAM backup you previously made, but there are a bunch of other ways to get rid of the message as well, mostly documented over at the XDA forums.

      Given I haven’t had the issue since the Oukitel K4000 Pro (years ago), I haven’t really kept myself up to date on all known solutions though.

      Black-SeraphNovember 20, 2018
  • Ok…I tried going back to Clean Rom version 0 and 0.1 and SlightRom and I have the NVRAM Warning in every Rom version now.

    Shaun DoubleJuly 6, 2018
  • Looks like it comes from using the “format and download” option in SP Flash Tool.
    I had to use that because my flash failed due to connection breaking.
    Did anyone find a way to fix it?

    Fixed it using this on XDA
    although I used ES Explorer instead of Root Explorer.

    For sure something to watch out for if a flash fails for any reason.

    Shaun DoubleJuly 6, 2018

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