GPD XD+ CleanROM 1.10 released!

Given the terrible state the GPD XD+ stock ROM was in (and the lack of alternatives out there) I’ve decided I’d make it my first priority to provide GPD XD+ owners with a go-to ROM of choice that’s clean, fast and up-to-date.

Something they can just flash and forget, knowing they’ll get the most out of their systems (at least until source-built ROMs drop).

Included in this ROM are:
  • No bloat of any kind (in both system and userdata) 
  • A verity-disabled initrd (for easy modding)
  • A deodexed system partition (for easy modding) 
  • Magisk root & manager (for easy modding)
  • A new boot logo and animation matching GPD’s new company logo
  • Up-to-date Google apps (as of today)
  • 2.1GHz CPU OC kernel (for that extra bit of performance)

Furthermore I’ve decided that this time around I’ll not lock this release behind a temporary Patreon paywall in the hope of enabling as many users I can to jump ship off GPD’s stock ROM as soon as possible.

If however you happen to enjoy the work I’m doing here, and want to support this and other future projects, please feel free to join my other fellow patrons.

Every cent counts, helps pay my bills, and thus allows me to spend more time working on these projects.


  • Thanks for creating this. What are the links to Patreon? I would like to make a donation. Is there instruction for installing this? Also, is there any future improvement in the work? Maybr overclock beyond 2.1 ghz? Thanks again.

    HarruJuly 1, 2018
    • Given quite a few units can’t even handle the 2.1GHz clock without encountering power draw issues, as such I don’t think it makes a whole lot of sense to push the boundaries even further.

      Black-SeraphNovember 20, 2018

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