GPD XD+ development unit arrived!

I did promise that I’d create a android device and vendor tree for building custom roms for the XD+ from source… if someone provided a development unit for me to work with.

Today’s sponsors are Dreamesper, owner of the same-named webshop over at and PsyOps from, who so graciously provided me with this development unit which will be put to use in the upcoming bring-up.

This package was (sadly) held up by customs for close to 3 weeks, before arriving today, right AFTER my 2 week holiday (in which I originally planned to take care of the majority of this project), which means that my time to work on this project will be mostly weekend- and after-work hours, making it a comparatively slow project given I will hardly have > 2 hour chunks of time to dump into this for a while.

Fear not however, as I have already equipped myself with a 6-pack of Pepsi, junk-food and everything else a programming cave-dweller like me needs to pull this off.

Wish me luck, and give our sponsors of the day a visit over at and, who knows, maybe you want to pick up one of these little critters yourself in preparation for what is to come or check one of multiple set-up guides over at!

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