Android 8.1 for GPD Win ~ coming soon!

We’ve done it. And it will be available very soon! Click on Read More to find out more!

First of, thanks go to all of you brave souls out there that helped test the initial two builds of Android 7.1.2 for GPD Win.

Thanks to you guys we were able to identify and iron out most (if not all) of the issues that stood between us and a stable build of Android for the GPD Win.

To 1-up ourselves, we even took it a step further, and decided to bundle all of these fixes with a Android 8.1.0 Oreo Update to go with it!

So, let’s go ahead then and take a look at what we achieved together in just over a month and a half of time:

  • We ported both Android 7.1.2 and 8.1.0 to the GPD Win
  • We fixed the battery meter and quick-charge support in Android
  • We fixed the WiFi and Bluetooth chipset
  • We fixed the eMMC & MicroSD suspend lag issue
  • We fixed the audio-jack
  • We fixed the mono speaker mixdown and audio route updates
  • We fixed the sleep mode and all of its associated reboot issues
  • We fixed the libsensors-related Unity-Engine reboot issue (Antutu was affected by this)
  • We fixed the screen default rotation (this is needed because the Win’s panel is mounted -90°)
  • We fixed the root remembrance bug
  • We managed to pre-bundle both OpenGapps and Magisk for a better OOB experience
  • We fixed the screen DPI scaling
  • We fixed the wrongly rotated boot animation
  • We fixed the lid sensor sleep trigger
  • We silenced the buggy GPD Win Revision 1 accelerometer
  • etc. etc.

Now this, is what I call impressive. But this hasn’t been a one-man job!

It is about time to credit all the people that have been a big help so far (in one way or another), sans ourselves of course.

Thus, special thanks go to:

  • Phawx (for the initial test and evaluation of this build on GPD Win 2)
  • Dollcat, joesnose, BostonC and An Average Seong (for bug reports and GPD Win Revision 1 accelerometer tests)
  • The android-x86 project (for their generic android x86 bringup and their very helpful staff)
  • Hans De Goede (for his work on the mainline linux kernel)
  • lambadroid (for his brcmfmac monotonic tsf kernel patch)
  • PsyOps and skelton (just for being good chumps)

The initial release will happen over at our Patreon Friday the 2nd of February at 9PM CET, granting our supporters 30 day early-access to our latest and greatest builds.

This approach on releasing content will be our modus operandi from now on, granting supporters a 1-month early-access period, before making all code and builds publicly available to everyone.


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