GPD WinDroid Update #1

This release fixes a wide variety of bugs and smaller issues that have been discovered by me or fellow testers on the gpd_devices discord server.

The latest build can, as always, be found on the project page.

Special thanks go to…

  • An Average Seong#5984
  • joesnose#8614
  • BostonC#1012

… for their bug-reports and help with testing some accelerometer-related quirks in the code!


  • Black screen installer issue has been fixed
  • MicroSD cards are no longer being shown as potential installation targets in the installer (as the GPD Win doesn’t support booting from MicroSD)
  • eMMC lag-spike issue has been fixed
  • MicroSD card lag-spike issue has been fixed
  • Apps that require portrait mode now function properly
  • GPD Win 1st and 2nd generation accelerometer issues have now been resolved (all models fall back into landscape mode by default now)
  • Android boots straight into landscape orientation now instead of rotating the framebuffer post-boot
  • Eternal-Sleep bug has been fixed
  • Shallow-Sleep is now enabled by default (it seems to be the only sleep mode the GPD Win can safely recover from)
  • Opening or closing the GPD Win’s lid now puts the device into sleep or wakes it up

Known issues remaining

  • Bluetooth HAL / GUI is still broken (I’m actively working on this!)
  • HDMI Output is still broken
  • The headphone jack is still broken? (I no longer have wired headsets, so I can’t easily confirm this…)


  • 用vmware安装到U盘的时,第二界面,不识别键盘不能选择搜索设备等操作。

    myaiDecember 24, 2017
  • cd live 模式不可用

    myaiDecember 24, 2017

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