New blog goes live!

A long time in the making, and now better than ever! goes online!

For the longest time me, Black-Seraph, and my co-conspirators have worked from within the shadows of society, doing the dirty work for other people, and hardly ever getting the credit we actually deserved for the work we have done.

For an even longer time, we have wondered what the best approach would be to get out of this cycle, and who would have guessed that the world-wide-web could be the answer to this? Well… pretty much everyone, the internet is a amazing tool and we would be idiots to not embrace it, especially when its one of the biggest pillars of support for modern computer workers like us?

So, we decided to take up the mantle once again, to lend our expertise (and piece of mind) to those that need it or are willing to listen to us.

Welcome to!
We hope you enjoy your stay and will come to find the content we provide entertaining and, at times, educational.

Yours truly, Black-Seraph.


  • 蓝牙不可用,王者荣耀打不开……内存卡 U盘可以识别 可以横屏

    myaiDecember 20, 2017

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